Aditazz: A New Touchpoint to Design Delivery Process

Aditazz: A New Touchpoint to Design Delivery Process

CIO VendorDeepak Aatresh, Co-Founder
Deepak Aatresh, Co-Founder, of Aditazz is a technology aficionado, inventor, and incisive business leader. The alumnus from Arizona State University has spent more than20 years in the high tech industry and honed his skills in integrated circuit and chip design technologies.

In this period, he spent seven years at Intel and worked on the architecture and design of several generations of microprocessors; along with holding management positions at Lucent Technologies, Riverstone Networks, and a tech startup. Out of sheer curiosity, he started researching how the Silicon Valley ethos applies to the productivity challenged construction sphere. His entrepreneurial zeal led to the foundation of Aditazz in 2010 through leveraging design tools and workflows primarily used in the semiconductor space. His vision and dexterity powered the Aditazz team to develop a Software as a service (SaaS) platform that applies automation and deep computation to bring optimum efficiency in planning, designing, construction, and operation for the built environment.

Inspired by integrated chip and circuit design methodologies, the Aditazz’s platform uses computer algorithms to create digital libraries with different spatial patterns where designs are tailored to precisely meet the client’s requirements. In a nutshell, the platform aids enterprises in capturing their sophisticated human expertise as rules, to create digital twins that aid in the planning and designing of complex infrastructure. Algorithms and computation help to quickly converge the owner’s requirements and designers’ vision. The platform has delivered optimum designs in over 2.5 million square feet through leveraging big data, modeling, and design synthesis technology.

Beyond healthcare, where Aditazz first began, the platform now serves the infrastructure needs of the energy sector.

Aditazz’s platform uses computer algorithms to create digital libraries with different spatial patterns where designs are tailored according to client’s requirements and local building codes

In this regard, the firm has partnered with Atkins to develop novel software for optimizing the planning and designing of offshore wind farms. “We have proven that our software can reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of major projects around the world, and we are pleased to use our expertise and technology to help realize the incredible potential of offshore wind farms,” adds Aatresh.

Referring to one of their early successful projects, Aatresh mentions that Aditazz’s platform enabled a China-based Shantou University Medical College to reduce the capital expenditure of their project through improving the hospital’s operational efficiency and altering the layout of the surgery and oncology departments. Here, the number of beds in the hospital was reduced to 540 from 900, linear accelerators reduced to eight from 11, and operating theaters were decreased from 17 to 10. The project, scheduled for completion in 2019 has already enabled the hospital to save over $10 million by reducing the floor space by over 30 percent. For this exemplary work, Aditazz was called a disruptor by the World Economic Forum notably for its ability to translate chip design software technology into many other building and infrastructure domains.

To leverage its technology further, the firm will invest in harnessing data streams from IoT where operational data is monitored continually to improve the design process. With the firm's team boasting of a cross-functional team having extensive knowledge in buildings, energy infrastructure, software algorithms, and in applied mathematics Aatresh says, “Our Software brings the combined knowledge of all these personnel together to help our clients to innovate continually.” As a part of its future, Aditazz envisions partnering with firms and expanding its reach into oil and gas infrastructure, hospitality, large-scale multifamily, mixed-use retail, and office construction.

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Deepak Aatresh, Co-Founder and Chuck Han, CTO

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