Top 10 Renewable Energy Consulting/Service Companies - 2019
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Top 10 Renewable Energy Consulting/Service Companies - 2019

In the last decade, the renewable energy sector has witnessed the emergence of several novel technologies that optimized the way renewable resources are being utilized across the industry. To begin with, AI is being used in microgrid systems to maximize system performance, which results in improved efficiency, reliability, and resiliency of energy production, distribution, and use, as well as cost savings.

Unconventional technologies like blockchain and the internet of things (IoT) are also helping eliminate disparities such as energy inequality and inefficiency. Blockchain’s advance ledger technology enhances the performance of renewable energy operations by analyzing them, performing vigilance, and optimizing energy systems in real-time. Alongside, IoT technology is not only enabling the integration of more distributed resources into the power grids but also improving

grid management. Placing sensors at substations and distribution lines provides real-time power consumption data that energy companies can use to make decisions about voltage control, load switching, and network configuration.

Amidst these technological developments in the renewable energy sector, Energy CIO Insights has compiled a list of the leading renewable energy solution providers and consulting/service companies that are at the forefront of harnessing the power of such technologies to help their clients. With several innovative technological capabilities, these companies are constantly proving their mettle in the field of renewable energy.

We present to you Energy CIO Insights’ “Top 10 Renewable Energy Consulting/Service Companies - 2019.”

    Top Renewable Energy Consulting Companies

  • 1 Solar Solution is a premier solar installation company based in Frisco, Texas that allows people to opt for pocket- and eco-friendly solar energy. 1 Solar helps residential, small, medium, and large commercial clients, as well as school districts go green, by harnessing the energy of the Sun, a massive natural powerhouse. Solar installations also help reduce the problems of the rising cost of electricity consumed, and the harm that burning fossil fuels for power generation inflicts on the environment in the form of pollution and degradation, global warming, and more. 1 Solar’s seasoned solar installers and engineers are committed to providing a complete turn-key solar solution to clients from design to implementation

  • Heliolytics is a global leader in aerial inspection, analytics, and consulting services for solar PV systems with 25+ GW of experience. Heliolytics’ consulting services improve the operations of renewable power assets with the use of our proprietary inspection and analytics tools and insights. The company leads the industry in actionable thermography analysis and reporting with the completion of over 25 GW of inspections on more than 2,000 sites in sizes varying from 10 kW to 750 MW. Heliolytics aerial inspection services use proprietary aircraft-based sensors to collect high-definition infrared and visual images of all modules on a site

  • RPCS is the distributed utility market’s provider for Array Technologies DuraTrack HZ v3 single-axis solar tracker projects. As Array’s trusted partner, RPCS provides complete turnkey project design and mechanical installation services for the industry’s proven gold standard in solar tracking solutions. With over 360 projects and over 1GW completed in the last two years, RPCS’s deep history and product knowledge provide distributed utility customers with a trusted choice for the flawless execution of single-axis solar tracker projects. RPCS is working with some of the most respected names in the solar industry and takes pride in establishing lasting relationships with our partners

  • Dingo


    DINGO is the world leader in providing Predictive Maintenance solutions to asset-intensive industries. Founded in 1991, DINGO has the systems and expertise to help companies quickly and cost-effectively implement world-class programs with their existing resources. The company unites deep maintenance expertise with industry-leading technology to support mining, energy, and rail companies implement predictive maintenance programs that deliver real-world results. The company’s proven solutions drive real results of increased availability, extended life, and reduced operating costs. Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, Dingo also has offices in the U.S. and partners around the globe

  • Green Earth Energy Photovoltaic

    Green Earth Energy Photovoltaic

    Green Earth Energy is a solar industry leader in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The company’s professionals have over 140 years of electrical engineering and construction experience ranging from residential work to Nuclear Navy and government contracts. With no fieldwork subcontracting, the company’s clients can feel confident about Green Earth Energy handling the complete installation of their systems. The company turns sky-high energy costs in savings by guiding their customers through system design, installation, and operation. Green Earth Energy is the proud recipient of 2015, 2017, and 2017 “Top Performer” Pacesetter Awards

  • Kousa Internationa

    Kousa Internationa

    As Korindo Wind's exclusive agent, Kousa International handles everything related to the sale and delivery of towers in North America and around the world. The company uses high-quality materials and the latest equipment and machinery; skilled technicians oversee every step of the production process from start to finish. Kousa International implements quality checks along the way to ensure a smooth manufacturing process and an outstanding final product. The company’s unfailing commitment to customer satisfaction places them a cut above the rest, providing maximum flexibility and responsiveness and on-time delivery

  • Metco Engineering

    Metco Engineering

    METCO is a full-service firm handling everything from engineering, procurement, and construction. The company specializes in energy performance contracts, distributed resources, district energy, combined heat and power, and microgrids. METCO’s experienced engineers and project managers use state-of-the-art technology, such as our proprietary computer building information modeling and simulation to achieve critical efficiency, optimized processes, and increase client profitability. The company’s team of engineers walks the clients through the detailed process of identifying their energy needs before setting up the plant. With an eye for detail, the company’s experts guide its clients to the best plausible energy solution

  • Pfister


    Pfister Energy specializes in the design and construction of turnkey solar and renewable energy systems for commercial, industrial, and utility facilities. As a total solutions provider, the company offers customized renewable energy systems with an emphasis on building-integrated applications. Pfister Energy implements the latest technologies such as photovoltaics, LED lighting, daylighting, energy efficiency, wind turbines, solar lighting, solar thermal systems, fuel cells, rainwater harvesting, green roofs, and geothermal systems. The company delivers innovative, on-site power solutions and energy efficiency measures, so that its clients can save energy, control costs and generate an excellent return on investment, with a payback in as little as three years

  • Sun Source Homes

    Sun Source Homes

    SunSource specializes in construction that intelligently addresses energy consumption, conservation, and energy production. Focusing strictly on these aspects and collaborating closely with its clients, the company’s team produces cost-effective, energy-efficient results for their buildings. Quality is the foundation of every project at SunSource. The company makes sure that its clients fully understand the reasoning behind all their systems and material choices so they can make informed decisions. SunSource prides itself on the breadth of knowledge of all aspects of the client’s project that pertain to energy use and energy efficiency

  • Swinerton Renewable Energy

    Swinerton Renewable Energy

    Swinerton Renewable Energy offers engineering, procurement, construction (EPC), and SOLV services for solar photovoltaic plants and energy storage facilities throughout North America. The company serves a diverse range of clients who all demand exacting performance. Swinerton has forged a reputation for unsurpassed safety, workmanship, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction with over 130 years of building landmark projects. Swinerton’s team takes pride in building cost-effective solar systems that will generate reliable, clean power for many years to come. The company has delivered over 4 GW of solar projects via turnkey EPC services, while their technical services team manages over 4.5 GW of PV plants across the country